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SURGE 365 "Getting Started"
- New Member Orientation 

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Team GET New Member Orientation



COACH'S PLAYBOOK ~ (Go to Form)   ~ Complete Quick Start Training Guide

1) MARKETING (Go To Section > CLICK):   Order Business Cards and Download the SURGE365 MOBILE App & TAXBOT App

2) VISION (Go To Section > CLICK): 
Set Your Vision and Learn to Share the Surge365 Opportunit

3) THE VORTEX (Go To Section > CLICK):   Visit Your Personal Vortex Link

4) TRAVEL CLUB MEMBERSHIP (Go To Section > CLICK):   Schedule A Personal Concierge Appointment ASAP, watch features & benefits video

6) SURGE TRAINING (GoTo Section > CLICK):  Complete Surge365 Series 100 Academy Training


Coach's Playbook: Quick Start Guide Training
Identify Weekly Schedule

Download the Quick Start Guide to send to your new SBA and schedule a time to meet with them and fill it out.

Surge365 President Chris Cokley trains on the importance of
filling out the new Quick Start Guide with your new SBA.
Listen to the audio by CLICKING HERE.

Or you can watch a video version and follow along with images of the form displayed on the screen during the training. The video is located in your Surge365 Back Office under S365 Academy > 100 Series Training >Quick Start Guide Training Video.

As you are watching or listening to this training, we encourage you to fill out the form along with Chris.  Click here to print the Quick Start Guide. 

Download Weekly Work Schedule Sheet

Fill in your current schedule to identify time available to work your Surge365 Business.


Your Two Key Surge365 Websites:


2) VORTEX CUSTOMER TRAVEL WEBSITE: myvortex365.com/...YourURL - Customers book and save...you EARN!


Surge365 Back Office Login

Access your Surge365 Back Office by going to http://my.Surge365.com and  logging in with your username and the password you selected at sign-up.

Be sure to take the Back Office tour to get familiar with your Surge365 Back Office. 
LEARN YOUR BACK OFFICE >> DOWNLOAD << Surge365 Back Office Handout

Team GET Surge365 New Member Orientation Training

Great! Now that you have the
BASIC Foundation....Let's...

Print these and put in a tabbed binder

         You've Joined SURGE365 


  Member Referral Program:  Our #1 Goal: 3 Assisted Sales in

 your first 30 days to achieve to eliminate the monthly fee!
 3 & FREE!     
 $63.54 is ELIMINATED!!!!!

Teach and Repeat the #1 Goal for
EVERY New Person!


WELCOME Handout!
Welcome to our team and Surge365 
Global Expansion Team (Team GET) Director Rick n Brenda Reese
Section 1) Marketing Materials (in Surge365 Back Office) 
  • Locate this widget in your Surge365 Back Office (at my.surge365.com) and CLICK
CLICK ON "APPAREL & TOOLS" Widget...Sign in or Create an Account with ProShop to order cards.

    Order Business Cards (US or Canadian)
    • Surge365 Websites (for example)
      • Vortex Customer: myvortex365.com/Sitepath
      • Business Associate Signup: surge365com/Sitepath 
      • Optional
        • Purchase Domain Name: ie., Godaddy or Arbor Domains, etc.

      Rick's Card Example:     

        VORTEX Card Examples


        Locate this widget in your Surge365 Back Office (at my.surge365.com) and CLICK

        Go to Apple Store or Google Play Store...search on "surge365"
        Sign in with your Surge365 USERNAME and PASSWORD
        FYI: If you don't know your username/password call Customer Service at 618-655-2431, Opt 1.

        Watch Surge365 Mobile Training Video on Mobile App

        The Surge365 Mobile App will let you take your SBA business wherever you are! Share the latest presentation, enroll a prospect, initiate a 3-Way call with your upline, and so much more can all be done from the Surge365 Mobile App.

        To download visit ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE- www.surge365mobile.com 

        (This page must be accessed from your iPhone/iPad or Android phone/tablet)

        ...from your Apple or Android mobile smartphone browser and it will automatically take you to the appropriate app store and the download page for the app. Your log in information is the same as the username and password you use for your Surge365 Back Office.

        • Download Surge365 Mobile App 
        Apple App Store & Google Play Store. Search on “surge365”

         #1 Expense Management APP


        Locate this widget in your Surge365 Back Office (at my.surge365.com) and CLICK

        Visit your back office at my.surge365.com to SET UP your 

        Taxbot username and password...BEFORE you DOWNLOAD the TAXBOT App

        Go to Apple Store or Google Play Store...search on "taxbot" -- Sign in with your Surge365 USERNAME and PASSWORD
        FYI: If you don't know your username/password call Customer Service at 618-655-2431, Opt 1.

        Looking to make your tax savings easy? Would you like to find hidden tax savings year round? You can do this and more with Taxbot! A subscription to Taxbot and the Taxbot app is included in your monthly Surge365 Business Associate fee! 

        Enroll today by logging in to your Surge365 Back Office and selecting the Taxbot ad! All you need to do is choose your Taxbot password and then select “Enroll” to create your very own Taxbot account!

        >> DOWNLOAD Taxbot Presentation <<

        Section 1 Completed - COngratulations!

        SCROLL DOWN or (to the top)

        Section 2) Set Your Vision and Share the Surge365 Opportunity  

        What is Your WHY! People join because of YOUR WHY!!!! Build a team of people who believe in YOUR WHY!

        What Is Your Why?  Write It Down...

        Coach asked Adrienne Dawkins how she achieved a $10,000 bonus...
        Adrienne shared that she created a vision board when she returned home from the November Regional Builder Experience. A vision board is a collection of images and words that represent what you want to achieve and when. Seeing it reminds you to focus on your goals and can serve as a source of motivation as you work towards achieving them. One of things Adrienne placed on hers was a $10,000 check, and on that check she filled in her name, dated it, and signed Coach's name! And three short months later, she qualified for that amazing bonus!

        Coach encourages YOU to start your vision board with the $10,000 bonus check. We want to help you get started and have created a blank check for $10,000 where you can fill in your own name and date!

         CLICK HERE to download and print. Note: make sure that you choose the 'fit to paper' setting before printing.

        We can't wait to celebrate with each of you when you hit your first $10,000 bonus! Your vision board can make it happen!


        Download 1) COACH'S PlayBook &      2) Weekly Schedule Planner 

        5 Steps to Surge365 SUCCESS

        1Make Your List (Memory Jogger)
        - To Start: Identify 5 travel lovers and 3 business-minded entrepreneurs.  Let's 3-way and contact them...
        - Who are my prospects? -
        >> Download Training Doc << 
         CLICK HERE to download and print. Note: make sure that you choose the 'fit to paper' setting before printing

        2. Contact and Pique Interest (Use the Mobile App)

        They don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. You go nowhere until you find what they need. Once you find what they need...you provide a solution. Be a "needs" provider...

        - What do they want? What do they need?                      Travel More, Save More, Make More...
        - What's their time commitment:                                Part Time, Full Time, or BIG TIME!

        • Send or text presentation video...
          • "Take a look and tell me what you like best."
          • "Would you like more information?"

        3. Invite to see a Surge365 Presentation/Webinar 
        >> Invitation Script <<

        4. Follow Up/3-way/Edify Up-line & Close

        Duplicate-Teach Team to do steps 1-5

        Follow the 5-Step Surge Success Process >>DOWNLOAD<<

        First 30 Days - Goal:  Obtain 3&FREE and $1,000 bonus!



        INCOME Producing Activities


        Do one (1) of the following business building activities DAILY

             1)  Get a Team Builder prospect to a weekly meeting, Webinar, or a one-on-one presentation

             2)  Do a Home Vacation Party or Private Reception for Team Builder prospect(s)

             3)  Conduct Three 3-way calls with Team Builder prospects

             4)  Have three Team Builder prospects to watch 100% of the Surge365 opportunity video

             5)  Get 5 prospects to fill out a Vacation Survey (download at ettc-cs.com)

             6)  One Team Builder sale (personal sale or sale by member of Team Builder Group)

        >> Download Income Producing Activities Form <<


        Section 3) The Vortex: Your Personal Link 

        Locate this widget in your Surge365 Back Office (at my.surge365.com) and CLICK

        Looking for more information on how to promote your Vortex site? We have just the thing. In our new 'Getting Started Guide,' we talk through your first steps as a Vortex site owner, sample scripts and personas to help you identify potential customers, and how to utilize social media to promote your business. It has e

        everything to get you off to a fast start and set yourself up for success. We even provide a social media graphics starter pack for Facebook and Instagram. Download the Vortex guide here at  http://bit.ly/2BVdeoB  

        You as the owner of The Vortex will earn money and reward credits for any customer travel booked on your Vortex link.  You earn what your customers SAVE!

        How to Check Your Vortex Status? Log into your Back Office at my.surge365.com
                Visit Your Personal Vortex Link: myvortex365.com/Unique ID

        FOR YOUR OWN VALIDATION: Create your personal Vortex DEMO site to compare HOTEL prices with Expedia, Travelocity, etc.  Open a Demo Vortex site using a 2nd email...conduct a hotel search using the same search criteria:  Check the price at 1) Your Vortex, 2) Expedia, 3) Your "Wholesale" Travel Club Membership. You'll discover Vortex hotel prices lower then Expedia...and your travel club membership prices...even lower!

        Click on the Widget "Vortex Information & Reporting" 
        (It's HIDDEN until you watch the Welcome Video with Dr Chris Cokley-refer to Getting Started Section 1)

        Click and follow to Vortex Reports

        Content you can use:

        Surge365 has  put together a starting pack of graphics you can use on social media. Use them as a template to create content about your Vortex site and engage your network. Be sure to customize the content based on your own unique personality and style. Ask questions, share your personal reasons for why you own a Vortex site, and always think about your audience first. What value can you bring to inspire conversation? Download your graphics starter pack  at the links in your Surge365 Back Office - Click Vortex Widget:  Vortex Facebook AdsVortex Instagram Ads.

        Vortex Saving Demo (Video)

        Frequently asked Vortex Questions >> Download Document <<

        Section 3 Completed - Congratulations!
        SCROLL DOWN or (to the top)

        Section 4) Surge365 Exclusive Travel Club Membership 

        The Greatest Travel, Rewards, and Lifestyle Benefits Program Ever Created!

        Locate this widget in your Surge365 Back Office (at my.surge365.com) and CLICK

        Schedule your personal Concierge Walk-Thru Appointment ASAP
        Here's How:

        Step 1) Login to
        your Surge Back Office at my.surge365.com (Username/Password)                
        Step 2) Click "Wholesale Travel Membership Access" widget
        Step 3) Click "Support" Tab (Located at top of page) and look under "Quick Links" to schedule your
        Concierge website walk-thru appointment. The Concierge will call and explain the major features of your Surge365 membership program.

        Watch Travel Membership Training Videos  

         Back Office Go to my.surge365.com -> Resources -> Videos

        >> Go to Apple/Google Store ~ Download Mobile Travel App <<

        Section 4 Completed - COngratulations!
        SCROLL DOWN or (to the top)

        Section 5) YTB Travel Network Travel Agent Career Opportunity 

        Welcome to YTB Travel Network (YTBTN)!  YTBN is a host travel agency with over 17 years experience with one specific goal - Build a company where people could own their own travel business.
        • Access your Your Travel Biz Back Office
          • Log into your Surge365 Back Office my.surge365.com and click on YTB Travel Network Career Path Access

        Locate this widget in your Surge365 Back Office (at my.surge365.com) and CLICK

        • There's a lot of great things happening in YTBTN and we are so excited for the future!

        YTBTN Travel Agent Career Opportunity


        1) Go to Surge365 Back Office and login:  my.surge365.com

        2) Click on YTB Travel Network "Career Path Access"

        3) Two Selection OPTIONS:

        • Visit Your Booking Engine > YTBTRAVEL.com/UniqueURL


        Complete YTBTN Travel Agent Training and Access Online Travel Industry Training & Certifications!






        Special Needs At Sea 

        Special Needs Group/Special Needs at Sea is: 
        • The leading global provider of oxygen, scooter, & wheelchair rentals around the world.


         Section 5 Completed - COngratulations!
        SCROLL DOWN or (to the top)

        Section 6) Surge365 Training 

        Locate this widget in your Surge365 Back Office (at my.surge365.com) and CLICK

        Complete Surge365 100 Series Academy Training

        HERE'S HOW:  Login to your Surge Back Office at my.surge365.com (Username/Password)

        Watch Series 100 Videos

        Download the following files (located in your Surge Back Office)

        Watch Series 100 Training Videos w/ Chris Cokley (in your Surge Back Office)
        Five Videos Wealth Builder Academy Videos
            • S101 - Welcome
            • S102 - Getting Started
            • S103 - The Next Step
            • S104 - Your Why 
            • S105 - Tools      
            • Quick Start Guide Training - Video
        Have you watched "Getting Started" and the six (6) Series 100 videos?

        Highly Recommended for a solid foundation!


          Section 6 Completed - Congratulations              SCROLL DOWN or (to the top)

        Section 7) Surge365 Compensation 

        Let's start earning!  Fast Start Compensation




        How do you earn $2,440 in 30 days or less with 10* people? 

        • Make 7 Vortex Platinum sales within 30 days
          • Achieve 3&Free (no monthly fee):  3 x $30 = $90
          • Earn $1,000 Fast Start Bonus
        • 3 more Vortex Platinum sales in Team Builder is another $1,000 bonus
        • 7 Vortex Platinum sales in Team Builder:  7 x $50 = $350

        To keep it simple...let's just make 10 Vortex Platinum sales within your first 30 day and you earn $2,440!

        EVERY 7 Vortex Platinum sales in your Team Builder you earn another $1,000 bonus (through infinity)

        Earn $2,440 within your FIRST 30 days in Surge365 with only 10 people!

        Compensation Downloads

                   >> DOWNLOAD << 2019 Surge365 Compensation Plan

        WATCH Surge365 Video Compensation Video (Overview-Level)

        Section 7 Completed - Congratulations!

        You've Successfully Completed "GETTING STARTED!"

        Let Your Team Leader know about this GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT!

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        Whether you're looking to stay up to date on all of the latest Surge365 news and information or you just want to stop by and say hey to the Surge365 community, you can connect with us on any one of our Social Media Channels below.

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        Surge365 Corporate Training                                                                   
        8-week audio training course designed to help everyone get off to a fast start - day by day, week by week

        Surge365 Corporate Training - Now What Do You Do Next? 

        You are going to love being a part of the Surge365 Family! Whether you purchased the Vortex Platinum or signed up as an SBA, this is your first stop to get you on the right track with your new business. Here we'll introduce you to our leaders and define our purpose. We'll walk you through your first 8-weeks in Surge365, provide you with your first line of defense for support, and help you stay connected 24/7 with everything Surge365!

        CLICK HERE to GO to the Surge365 Company training

        Link: https://wavebreak.surge365.com/welcome-to-surge365-now-what-do-you-do-next/


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