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Regional Highlights

- Company and Directors united to implement Mentoring program 

-- Find your 7-10 key leaders

- Lead with the money first.  Show prospects how to PAY their bills AND TRAVEL!


- It's time to Breakout to BREAKTHROUGH!
Millionaires In Training Radio Interview w/ Rick Reese ...

Tamie Collins Markee Radio Show

Western Regional Red Carpet, Las Vegas, NV

April 23 - April 28, 2019
Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas, NV
The Western Regional Red Carpet Experience includes
Next Level Training, Directors and Special Guests Breakouts,
Team Building Activities, Men and Women who SURGE Sessions,
Annual White Party, and More!

The Western Regional Travelcon Experience includes Hotel Site
Inspections, TWO CLIA Courses, Travel Training,
Full Day Travel Expo, YTBTN CEO Shelly Coppersmith, and More!
Click HERE to register and for more info!


Free Vacation for 2!
New Contest! Top 5 in Team Builder WIN!

~ Accommodations for 2
~ June 2-5, 2019
~ 5 Star Majestic Colonial in Punta Cana

*** Additional Detail in Your Back Office ***

CONTEST: Friday, February 15 - Thursday, April 18
Top 5! Points are awarded as follows for sales made in your Team Builder Group:
- Vortex Platinum Special - 300 Points
- Vortex Sale - 200 Points
- Monthly Renewal - 100 Points

Join us in the DR! Surge365 Vortex Platinum ~ Limited Time Special Pricing! Don't Miss it!

Watch CEO Scott Tomer - Surge365 Overview


Are you ready for 2019?

Order Yours Today in your Surge365 Back Office my.surge365.com


         New Winners Win Event in          National Harbor, MD 
Saturday, June 8, 2019


Download >> .doc .pdf <<

Study and Practice...walk family and friends through the roadmap...Provides a great overview and pathway forward to grow your Surge365 business.


"Level UP" Challenge Information


IT'S Time to LEVEL UP...Go to the Level Up Tab to learn..

1)  Activities to Increase Your Belief
2)  Activities to Plan Your Work
3)  Activities to Work Your Plan

Visit "Level_Up_Challenge"


Hear Playback
Recording of
TEAM GET Leaders!

Marketplace Ministry, Nonprofit Fundraising! 


Follow the 5-Step Surge Success Process >>DOWNLOAD<<

1Make Your List (Memory Jogger)
- Who are my prospects? - >> Download Surge S106 Training Doc- Who are my prospects? <<
- Consider Churches, Nonprofits, Schools, Businesses

2. Contact and Pique Interest (Use Mobile App, email, text, social media, etc)
They don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. You go nowhere until you find what they need. Once you find what they need...you provide a solution. Be a "needs" provider...
What do they want? What's the need?  Travel More, Save More, Make More... What's their time commitment: Part Time, Full Time, or BIG TIME!

  • Send or text presentation video...
    • "Take a look and tell me what you like best."
    • "Would you like more information?"

3. Invite to see a Surge365 Presentation/Webinar 
>> Invitation Script <<

4. Follow Up/3-way/Edify Up-line & Close

Duplicate-Teach Team to do steps 1-5

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