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Nonprofit Fundraising w/Surge365

Webinar Replay Video: Fundingbytravel.com

Visit 7 Mountains Website http://7culturalmountains.org

7 Mountains of Culture Video
7 mountains shape our culture. Wealth transfers from the Business Mountain. Watch...

SURGE365 Internet Fundraising Webinar (Mondays)

Time: 1p ET, 12p CT, 11a MT, 10a PT (30 min)

LISTEN: 213-416-1560, pin 418 492 918#

Watch Online (LIVE) Online:  

Invite Pastors, Nonprofit CEO, Evangelists, Business Owners, Schools

Innovative Nonprofit Fundraising
w/Rick Reese


All Churches and Nonprofits share one critical challenge, the constant need for new funding. Surge 365 and The Vortex provides a perpetual funding solution turning by turning Vacations and Travel into Donations. Today Mr. Rick Reese from Colorado Springs, Colorado will present a proven funding solution " Funding By Travel "! Mr. Reese is a Founding Member Of Surge 365, #1 National Builder, Keynote Speaker at National Conventions, Multiple $1,000 and $10,000 Bonuses, 7 - Figure Industry Earner, Founder of the Global Expansion Team, Certified Travel Agent, Retired Military and Community Builder.

Mama and Baba Jahi uses this method to fund Movements Unlimited their 501 C 3 Non Profit! And you can too!


Team Get Pioneers

 Fundraising w/Churches & Community Centers - Glenn & Chantell aden

Church Missions - Ron & Linda Claydon

Tourism / Vocational Opportunities w/Vets - Laura Cross

Business / Corporate Growth Strategies   - Mariano Nandin

Millionaires In Training Radio Interview w/ Rick Reese ...

Tamie Collins Markee Radio Show



Triple the Fun in SURGE365!   

Surge365 INCLUDES:

1) Wholesale Travel Club Membership
2) Host Travel Agency & Access
3) Vortex Customer Travel Portal

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Host A Grand Opening! - Tools

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Surge365 Vacation PARTY VIDEO

Great Video Showing the Basics to HOST a Surge365 Grand Opening (Vacation Party)

FYI...We now have the VORTEX!! (The old Travel Button mentioned in the following Surge365 Vacation Party VIDEO are DISCONTINUED). We can NOW send the Vortex Link directly to customers.


Perfect Videos for Your Travel Party

VIDEO 1) Exclusive Member Option for TRAVEL LOVERS


VIDEO 2) Great Travel Business Overview for           OPPORTUNITY SEEKERS

Take the
21-Day Challenge

Launch your network marketing empire 

in three weeks!

The 21-Day Challenge: Launch your network marketing empire in three weeks! Has one Goal: to turn you into a network marketing powerhouse. It's 21 Challenges are filled with invaluable strategies for achieving unparalleled success - the very strategies today's top earners use to build their empires. Ready, Set, Download!

Project Rescue the Middle Class...10,000 financially independent families by 2020!




The Science of
Getting Rich >>download<<
 - It is no secret how to acquire wealth. Check it out!

"The Science" YouTube E-Book


"The Game of Life and How to Play It." Florence Shinn

"The Game of Life" YouTube Audio-Book Version

Listen: >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EZI1cjpRMo<<

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- 7 Mountains of INFLUENCE Video

Tim Sales ( 3 Powerful Videos)

     -- MLM Do Most People Fail

     -- MLM Who's Getting Rich - And Who's Not

     -- MLM Who's Lying

- 212 Degrees (video)

- Social Media Revolution (video)

- Did You Know Shift Happens? Social Media (video)

- Art Williams - Just Do It Speech! (video)

2018 Surge365 International Convention
18 Aug 18
University Training - Rick Reese
Identifying Customers Needs, Wants, Desires       (PIE - Performance, Image, Exposure)
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Performance, Image,Exposure (PIE)

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Juliet's Surge Champions

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Internet Fundraising w/Surge365

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SURGE365 Internet Fundraising Webinar (Mondays)

Time: 1p ET, 12p CT, 11a MT, 10a PT (30 min)

LISTEN: 213-416-1560, pin 418 492 918#

Watch Online:   

Invite Others
Webinar Replay: Fundingbytravel.com





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