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         Surge365 Founding Director Rick & Brenda Reese, 719-217-4825
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Welcome to "THE" Global Expansion Team (Team G.E.T.) 
      Official Site of Surge365 Founder Director Rick & Brenda Reese
 Change Your Mind...Change Your Money!
Download Team GET Strategic Team Focus Document

Brenda and I are the new professionals. We both transitioned from professional jobs in 2005. Brenda earned a BS in Business (UMASS Lowell 82') and owned a real estate brokerage firm and Rick worked 80 hour weeks as a software development project manager developing satellite systems.  We just got sick and tired of corporate America and determined to use our professional skills to do something fun and as it turned out...make more money. If we can do it...YOU CAN DO IT! Let's Go!
  • RICK'S PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND:  Leadership Pikes Peak 2003 Graduate, Founder at BetterWorldChangers.com Marketplace Ministry ·  Founder at Global Expansion Team ·  Founder and Director at Surge365 ·  Faithful Member at The Gideons International ·  Former Software Development Project Manager at L3 Communications ·  Retired Military officer at United States Air Force ·  Project Management at Colorado Technical University · MA in Procurement & Supply Chain Management at Webster University ·  BS in Plastic Engineering at UMass Lowell 81'
Rick & Brenda's Mind Movie ~ Affirmations in Video!

Rick's BIO & Major Accomplishments >> Download <<

God Said It...We Spoke It...We Felt it...God Did IT! 

Rick & Brenda Reese, Surge365 Founders

SURGE 365 Offers Exclusive Travel Club Memberships providing 5-star dream travel / lifestyle
products & personal concierge services at deeply discounted prices unavailable to the public.
The "webinar" presentation & training cover all aspects of joining Surge365's
  • Exclusive Travel Club Membership & Concierge,
  • Vortex Travel Savings Website,
  • Host Travel Agent Opportunity,
  • Lifestyle Benefits,
  • Generous compensation plan, and more!
Surge365 business opportunity and training webinars are presented on a weekly basis.  Team GET helps members discover their full potential and profitability as a Surge Business Associates!  Our goal is to assemble an international team  to operate in the US and 60 countries. Team GET is a family and we welcome all Surge365 teams across the company to partner in our quest for financial freedom!                                                                                                                                   


After a successful career in Your Travel Biz, I let my boss go in 2005 and we have been free ever sinceBrenda and I are Founding Directors of Surge365 in 2015 and enjoy the awesome opportunity to TRAVEL, SAVE, MAKE MORE! 

We faithfully served our great nation and fought to preserve freedom for all.  Now it's time to fight for and secure financial freedom for our families!

Partner with Brenda and I and let's do it together.  God Bless You!  Major Rick Reese (Retired)

Team GET 2019 Vision


Division of WINBIG! Von & Sara Nickleberry

TEAM GET Strategic Focus (see below)

Global Expansion Team Strategic Focus

     Vision: Surge365 CVO Coach Tomer's vision is to launch 10,000 millionaires by 2020. 



Mission: Team GET's mission is to empower ordinary people to achieve an extraordinary "Quality of Life!"

Team GET:  Wealth Creation & FREEDOM - 100,000 Global Surge 365 Business Associates

Set  The Industry High Mark:
    - Training & Education
    - Moral Virtue
    - Economic Organization & Job Creation
    - Internet Fundraising & Business Growth Strategies
    - Corporate Social Responsibility

Values:   Loyalty, Integrity, Communication, Competence, Tenacity, Community, and Teamwork Guiding Principles for Team Members: 

               - Achieve time and money freedom.

               - Live your passion.

               - Receive $1,000 - $12,000 monthly bonuses & benefits.

               - Qualify for Car Program and Director Benefits.

               - Build a solid residual income.

Success Measures 

                 - Organizational - Surge365 Business Associates

                              - # of Directors,

                              - # of National Builders,

                              - # of Regional Builders,

                              - # of Team Builders,

                              - # of Surge365 Club Memberships w/3 & Free SBAs,

                              - # of Nonprofits, Community Organizations, & Businesses, 

                              - # of Completion of Surge365 Academy Training,

                              - # of YTB Travel Network Career Path

                   - Travel Program Business Sales / Business Volume

                              - $of Surge365 Club Membership Sales,

                              - $Total YTB Online Travel Booking Volume,

                              - $of Total YTB Offline Booking Volume

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